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Hey I´m Jennifer, I´m a female photographer based in Berlin.

Before I started to take pictures, I studied literature and worked for a few years as a hairdresser, which gave me the opportunity to meet the most diverse people.

Being so close to people gives you a very deep insight into the privacy of people, which helps a lot in my work as a photographer today.

Since moving to Berlin in 2014, I have been working freelance mainly for private clients in the field of family photography. For the last couple of years, topics such as gender roles, feminism, women’s empowerment, diversity and tolerance are increasingly becoming my personal focus. Through my personal projects, I aim to create a culture of discourse rather than to provoke. In my opinion, ‘The future is female’ only works if we do not fight fire with fire. My photography is meant to elicit reflection, laughter and, above all, mutual discussion. The images to which we are exposed every day shape both our understanding and our perception of our environment. The more pictures that stimulate reflection and the more we challenge the status quo, the more likely mindsets and attitudes will change.

My profile picture was taken by Brigitta Brandt. If you are interested in my photography, then feel free to visit my website or my instagram account @photo_by_frau_rabe.

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