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Did you know a woman eats 3kg of lip product in her life? Imagine eating 20 burgers made of lipsticks, lipbalms, lip tints and glosses. Now imagine two stacks of these burgers. One stack is made of hormone disruptors, parabens, mineral oil or crazy stuff like cheap fillers and the other one contains Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Rosemary Extract,...hmm.. I could go on like this forever. If you had to eat them - which one would you choose?

Dunja Kara Founder of CleanMyRoutine Organic Beatuy Workshops

I exactly remember the moment I found out about the nasties in my cosmetics. It was Summer 7 years ago. Back then I ran a beauty blog, using all the conventional beauty brands out there from drugstore to high end – and well, writing about them, recommending them to other women.

So I bought this very exciting hair oil from a really big American brand that was just about to enter the German market. It promised me silky and shiny hair with the power of Argan Oil and oh how I wanted silky shiny hair since Disney‘s Pocahontas.

I must admit, it really did a great job. I had the healthiest looking hair ever, living that drawn Disney dream. I couldn‘t believe it, finally I had found a product that was able to give me healthy and shiny hair. Today I know why. After 14 days of having the most beautiful mane, I woke up one day with very itchy skin around the area of my face where my hair starts. I looked in the mirror and I couldn‘t believe what I saw. Tiny little bumps and red skin in these corners. I instantly thought of the hair oil. It was the only new product in my beauty routine and it was close to my hair. No further investigation needed for this obvious act of crime.

That was the moment I turned around a beauty product for the first time to look up its ingredients. All I knew from INCI lists was that they followed a certain chronology. The first ingredient was the one I could find the most amount of in the bottle and so on. To my surprise Argan Oil wasn‘t the first. Wait what? Wasn‘t this product supposed to treat my hair with the „power of Argan Oil“? The first ingredient was a word I had to look up – Dimethicone.

Dimethicone is a silicone. And silicones are doing absolutely nothing for your skin or hair but sitting on top of it and making it look a bit more even, in my case a bit more sleek and shiny. Don‘t get me wrong. I have no problem with silicones. I even see a reason for them to still be used in smaller amounts in natural products, but this bottle contained insane amounts of silicones and I only found out because my pores got clogged from it, because silicone is like that one guest who just doesn‘t wanna leave the party – it‘s hard to get rid of it. And it builds up.

I was shocked and angry. How the hell was this allowed? I looked up the other ingredients too and found even stranger stuff in there. I couldn‘t move from my desk for two days straight and googled all my beauty products – skincare and makeup. Afterwards I was left with nothing but my toothbrush and toothpaste and one big question: What‘s next? What else is out there next to the classic natural brands like Dr. Hauschka? I was curious to try new textures, colors, hear new stories. Luckily around that time all the organic beauty brands natural beauty consumers know like RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weis and Kahina Giving Beauty were about to enter European market and with a bit of research I got my hands on some samples from RMS Beauty. I turned my blog into an organic beauty blog over night and began my journey.

Today after more than 6 years in organic beauty business, working for brands like Kjaer Weis, Josh Rosebrook and HIRO Cosmetics, building a sales network for many of them and doing Branding at Amazingy.com, I started a new project - CleanMyRoutine. The CleanMyRoutine workshops will help to switch to effective and natural skincare and makeup. Our customers spend three hours surrounded by a great selection of organic beauty brands, like-minded people and an organic beauty coach who‘s there to answer all the burning beauty questions.

CleanMyRoutine Organic Bauty Workshops

And in case you want to start right away, I have two tips for you. Start with the day cream and your favorite lip product. The day cream, because it‘s something you probably use daily (and please make sure to use SPF on top or even better, get a day cream with SPF) and the second one I don‘t need to explain any further, I guess. Grab the right burger and have a big bite.

Dunja Kara – Founder of CleanMyRoutine

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