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Top Mobile Apps for Every Woman

Isn't it crazy how dependent we are on our phones? My whole personal and professional life is on this little digital companion, starting from work notes over to-do lists up to a hundreds of photos, and not to mention the importance of all the apps which I'm using on a daily base. Some of them are really needed, some more educating and some simply for entertainment.

Instagram for example used to be more for fun while scrolling around, staying in the loop of friends' life, and now it's an existential part of my work life as well. Still there are some apps which really ease up the daily schedule and also help growing, learning and adding a positive value to the overall-wellbeing. Here the top apps for every woman to download:


While everyone is speaking about the importance of meditation, it's at the same time pretty hard to practice. It took me ages to not fall asleep or think about all my next moves of the day during a meditation session. Trying to center your mind and stay in the here and now needs training and Headspace offers you an easy way into guided meditation.

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Hello period power. Clue is the app to track your period, and therefore an essential part in taking care of your female health. The app is for free and fully integrated with Apple Health, making it amazing to use for iOS users.

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Nike Training

Sports can be an essential part of your self-care routine. Don't forget, it's a natural upper for any mood low. In order to step a foot into the right direction try the Nike Training App, which is offering a variety of sports elements. You can easily practice at home or even in a quiet office meeting room during a work day, up to you.

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Don't you have like a dozen of to-do lists? Groceries, stuff for the apartment, what you have to finish before the holidays, birthday preparation and so much more. Wunderlist offers you a convenient way to categorize each individual to-do list and remind you (if you want it) about upcoming deadlines.

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All about self-care, mental health and personal growth: that's what Womaze stands for. This app provides you with enough inspiration to feel more powerful during the day. Highly recommended when you want to take a break from Instagram, yet are in need of affirmations and other positive inspos.

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