Top 7 Podcasts For Women To Listen To

Podcasts, the convenient audio entertainment while being on the subway, washing the dishes or just doing nothing at all. Quite some time ago, a friend of mine recommended me a very special podcast by an Australian sex coach (here #1). As I'm always interested in new stuff, I gave it a quick listen. And what happened? Right from the beginning I was on the hook! By that time, I started to search for more podcasts and found a huge selection on funny, honest, straight-forward and also very educating audio shows from all over the world. Here are 7 recommendable women-hosted podcasts for you:

#1 The Authentic Sex Podcast with Juliet Allen

Love, lust, emotions - this podcast is truly authentic & very empowering. Juliet Allen is a sexologist, coach and tantra practitioner using this expertise to show women and men how to claim the power over their bodies, minds & souls. Her advise on relationship and sexuality is so practical, that even at the first episode, you can directly use her tools within your own life. Highly recommended!

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#2 Fat Mascara with Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein

Now I finally found out why my hair is breaking on the top & sometimes kind of looks like a little palm tree: Thanks to my very own self for pulling my hair way too rough through the hair ties while making a bun! Many practical tips, well-known guests like & Miranda Kerr or Charlotte Tilbury and lots of fun: Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein open the secrets of the beauty world to their audience.

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#3 Invisibilia with Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel

This podcast moved me from the first episode. It's educating and presents an overwhelming honesty about us humans. Invisibilia discusses beliefs, ideas, dreams and motives of people with a little help of science. For example, themes such as discussing our thoughts. Let them be brutal, painful or just irrational. Thoughts about feeling worthless or what happens when you kill your wife, we mostly don't tell our secret dark thoughts to anyone, but yet they're existent, need to be addressed, and also tried to be understood.

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#4 GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Many girls know the fashion retailer NastyGal, and some of them got to know the success story of the founder Sophia Amoruso, which even inspired the same named Netflix series from 2017. Amoruso started from selling vintage clothes online to building a global million-dollar fashion company. In her podcast, she invites creatives, entrepreneurs, and other inspiring people sharing their personal experience.

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#5 The Guilty Feminist with Deborah Frances-White

"I'm a Feminist, but..." - The comedian and Amnesty Ambassador Deborah Frances-White creates a funny and honest debate about being a feminist infront of a live audience. Her show is for people who are up for a good laugh, but also interested about a critical discussion on the intersection between gender, sexual orientation and race. If you're interested to be a guest in one of her live podcasts, check out her website for tickets (currently in London at Bush Theatre).

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For the German speaking listeners:

#6 generation WHY with Nilam Farooq

Nilam Farooq is a German model, youtube blogger and quite new as podcast host. Her themes? Our current generation. The generation of people struggling with relationship and love, constantly questioning the world around them, trying to educate others, and being digital natives, with social media as constant companion. For those interested in poetry slams, Nilam even experimented with a short extra podcast show, where she performed a text which has been actually just been written for herself. Intimate and honest.

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#7 Besser als Sex with Ines Anioli & Leila Lowfire

Translated "Besser als Sex" means "Better than Sex" and this podcast is by far the funniest sex entertainment show Germany has to offer. Ines Anioli and Leila Lowfire tell you all you need to know about sex & that pretty straightforward in your face. If you wanna know about strap-ons, genital herpes or extraordinary sex positions, tune in to their weekly audio show.

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