The Balance of Being (afterwork edition)

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

We all know the feeling of fulfilling many personalities and the need to please them all: as daughter, sister, friend, lover or businesswoman. The hardest part is to understand that it's simply not possible. We try to fulfil this need of perfectionism while standing on the verge of being over-worked, over-emotionalised and just feeling over and out.

Especially in the working environment, it's a challenge to work in a challenging business and stay at the same time calm towards the people in your life (and also to yourself). The moment when you just settle a deal or are done with an intense meeting, you might feel stressed, pushed and afterwards you are on the way to meet someone. Sometimes it's quite easy to let the mind go. Other times, almost impossible. It requires techniques to stop thinking about tasks, deadlines, discussions and to stay in the moment, allow to just be and enjoy yourself.

How to have a quick way to stay in this moment? Here your afterwork balance tools:

Center your mind

We are easily distracted. Things we still need to buy, the date tomorrow and so on. In order to be focussed we need to train our mind to be right here and now.

Breathe slowly in and out

One of the key tools to calm down and it's very effective. Focus on your breathing, feel the air in your lungs, with every inhalation say to yourself "LET" and with every exhalation the word "GO": Let go.

Write a to-do list

Whenever there are still things to do and they are not finished, they will always pop up again. Simply, 'cause you don't wanna forget them. The easiest way to be more productive: write tasks and ideas directly down (paper and pen preferred).

Put your phone away

There are consequences of being available 24/7: we are feeling stressed, less concentrated, and the urgent need to respond in an instant. But even a short digital detox allows you to relax your mind. There is simply no must to be available for everyone at all times.

Smile It's a powerful tool. And a quick way to some happiness.

Image by Hilma af Klint

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