Start Your Own Brand: Sincerely Yours Podcast Interview with The Devi Founder Bernak Kharabi

There are different ways to deal with one hell of a low in life. You can feel sorry for yourself (which is okay), you can blame others (not so okay) or you can take all the anger and frustration and channel it to create something positive.

That's what I did when I had one of my roughest lows in 2018. From an abusive, toxic work relationship to dealing with my own inner demons, it all came together and basically crushed me. At that time, I decided to quit my job, get rid of people and places which weren't bringing positive energy, continued with my yoga, read loads of books and stories of women who survived horrendous things in life while afterwards to become even more powerful.

Well, this was a bit about my emotional state when I began to think about this: I never want to feel like this anymore. And I want that other women also never have to feel like this as well. My aim was to create something where women can hold on to when they needed to recharge their power, enjoy entertainment and education, and then step out into world feeling pretty badass.

That's when I created The Devi.

To be honest, I wasn't really sure where to go and what to do. I wasn't sure if it might be a business or more a project, and we will see where it goes in the future.

The wonderful Helen Woltering allowed me to open up about the beginnings of The Devi, and asked about my creative process behind the brand. Something which I haven't really analyzed myself so detailed beforehand.

Here more on how I started The Devi.

How to start a brand:

Define your brand mission, vision and values

What do you want to achieve with the brand or business? Where do you see the brand in 2, 5 or 10 years? Do you want to be #1 in a particular industry, sell x amount of products or reach a global community through a number of 1.000.000 page views per month. And don't forget, what you are standing for. What are your values? What might other people directly associate when thinking about your brand. Here the ones of The Devi: Community, Diversity, Empowerment, Integrity and Boldness

Find a brand name

Go broad and research all around you. Dive into different industries, places and things out of your regular life. Be clear about the industry as well as your target audience. Female, below or above a certain age, German market or international, just write it down. Then think about what your values are, is it possible to integrate them in the brand name? The Devi for example means "The Goddess" in Hindi. As yoga student, I came across the word Devi and loved the meaning and its bold sound. I knew that the brand name should be short, and have something to do with women. The aspect of taking a word of another culture was beautiful as I wanted to present the idea on how important being international and diverse is for the brand.

Get your colours

Okay, it sounds like an easy way to use rose, pink and other "female" colours for a business that has something to do with women. This doesn't have to be that way. Basically, choose colours with might either be quickly recognizable (for example, green for organic food) or which you personally associate with the brand. For me it was clear that white, red and a certain range of colours inbetween are important for The Devi. White makes it very clean, and red shows what it stands for as well: passion & power.

And now, just do it

This sounds easier than it is, trust me. There are other side-projects next to The Devi (or sub-projects of The Devi) which are laying around for quite some time and yep, still not started/published. You will also need to calculate costs, research if the brand name or website domain is already taken, what your actual product might be, who your target audience and market is, and lots of other factors, but start by talking to people about the idea you have. In that way you cannot easily slide back and forget about it. Eventually they will ask you again and you feel pressured to actually kick off! What helps is an entry in your calendar. This is the final date. Everything needs to be ready and you just go. Also, no worries when everything isn't 100% perfect, along the way will be multiple of changes and that's also okay. Enjoy the ride.

If you understand German, listen to the podcast episode.


Text by Bernak Kharabi

More about Sincerely Yours here

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