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Seven Female Artists. Part III - Illustrators

Part three of our "Seven Female Artists" series shows illustrators from around the world. Meet creative masterminds like Jade Purple Brown or Marie Sann sharing unique drawings with us.

Jade Purple Brown

The New York-based visual artist uses vivid colors and strong female figures in her work, which are amongst others used for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. But most importantly, through her designs she wants to encourage people to be as bold as her colors, to be optimistic, strong and free. Especially in these cold December days, looking at her vibrant art is refreshing to the eye.

Flavie Eidel

Flavie Eidel’s art tackles so many important topics at once. The photographer, illustrator, and self-acclaimed motivation giver is using her emotions to portray social justice issues in her art, to connect the heart and the brain, so to say. She talks openly about mental illness and deals with her borderline disorder through her designs. Her art is dominated by strong women representing diversity in all its beauty.

Rachel F. (Effy)

Effy is a professional nail technician here in Berlin, but she also expands her art beyond nails. For example, she created a little zine called Must Be The Pheromones, where she takes a satirical look at the everyday experiences of many women, not only in Berlin. And really, who of us hasn’t experienced guys trying to hit on us on the dance floor, being far too loud, or - the classic - telling us to smile more.

Caitlin Blunnie

The discussions about abortion in law and society are unfortunately still very heated today. In her art, Caitlin Blunnie focuses on issues surrounding reproductive justice, and women owning their bodies in any way possible; her illustrations are about consent, appearance, and accessibility to the necessary health car. Politically critical and fierce and with a sense of dark humor, her illustrations are matching the spirit of this time.