Self-Care and Self-Love: Women Sharing Their Stories

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

In times of being 24/7 available, multitasking between friends, family and your own career, a self-care reminder is sometimes needed.

But what is actually self-care? How can we practice it and include it in our daily (work) schedule? In which way relates loving yourself and taking care of yourself with each other? And why is self-care and self-love so important for our private AND professional life?

On 26 June 2019 The Devi brought together a bunch of women to speak exactly about this topic and share insights and knowledge among those women at an event at mindspace Berlin. Ingrid van Onna, former DJ and founder of the organic & natural beauty store, vegan, natural make-up brand HIRO Cosmetics & organic skin care brand FYI Cosmetics, shared her personal self-love journey through her life and her top 5 tips for self-care, starting from dancing to music up to meditation.

CEO and founder of her 1 (, Chanyu Xu, gave insights on how she worked in a male-dominated setting at her first business and the further businesses she started as entrepreneur. In her speech guests we animated to ask themselves if they feel tired, stressed-out, drained or rushed. With over 10 million posts in 2018, the hashtag #selfcare shows us out how important it is to take care your own health.

After working 15 years in advertising in London, Rowena Johnson, yoga teacher and founder of The Dharma Tribe, gave us a glimpse into her life showing us why she changed her course to become a yoga teacher and stayed in Berlin rather than going back in advertising. Her goal was to empower people to find out their true purpose in life and accept that it's okay to change a planned path.


Photos by Ramona Razaghmanesh

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