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Money Matters

A few days ago, The Devi hosted their latest event on money, and why it matters. Together with BBDO we gathered a bunch of women, and four of them spoke about their experience, their expertise and shared insights on money.

Here some info:

Bernak Kharabi, founder of The Devi, welcomed everybody and introduced the speakers of the event.

Jeanette Bohné and Jennifer Seiffarth of BBDO talked about the employer and employee side of money at work. From how to negotiate over to how to not be rude but ask (If you don't ask, you don't get it), up to doing a good job isn't going to get you more money as you're expected to do a good job - become a lead, take on an extra project, do "more" enabling a salary raise. They taught the guests that it doesn't have to be only money: it might be a work phone, public transport card, less working hours, more holidays, car parking slot and more.

Julia Lakaemper continued with getting everyone to the point where it was needed to be honest to themselves - what limiting believes do we have about money? Do we associate it with being dirty? Or have experiences around shame, control or anger in your past created a subconscious negative feeling with money? Your mind limits what you can reach. But think about this: what actually makes me happy? Will money solve it?

Helen Woltering went on with explaining the importance to visualize what you are dreaming of. How should you know how it feels like to be rich if you for example grew up poor? Right. You cannot. That's why you have to get out of your zone, and picture yourself in a reality where you feel, see and even smell how it would be if you owned the certain amount you're aiming for. Based on this, everyone closed their eyes and Helen guided the guests with music through in a vizualization.