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Little Voice: on Gender, Creativity & Feminism

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Once in a while you discover a new brand, website or even an individual and you think, wow, that looks pretty interesting, I kind of wanna know more. Well, that happened after I discovered the following lady and her exceptional creative mind: She's a French girl living in Berlin, blogger, electro/pop singer-songwriter, vocal at Free Free Dom Dom and founder of Curated by Girls, an online platform presenting emerging artists with a strong focus on diversity, equality and authentic emotions. Learn more about this fierce (and funny) female, Laetitia Duveau aka Little Voice:

Hi Laetitia (aka Little Voice), tell me a bit about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

My given name is Laetitia which is fine with me now but it never satisfied me as an artist. I always felt there was no magic in it which is maybe stupid ahaha. Laetitia means joy in latin which represents me quite well. I am a pretty joyful person.

Growing up I was different, not the typical teenager. I looked 12 when I was 18. I couldn’t really share the excitement or pain of becoming a young sexual entity. I developed my imagination and my will to become an artist. First as a dancer than as a singer/songwriter. It went fast.

I signed with Universal when I was 17 and moved away from my home right away. Desillusion happened then. The deal was off because of my abusive and unworthy manager. So cliché!

Then a couple of years trying to make it in the music business killed my energy. I was so tired of Paris and decided to move to a different city to start fresh. Berlin attracted me for its mystery power. I remember reading an article about living in Berlin, that you would come for one reason (mine: pursue my music career) and end up doing many different things, things you would never expect to do. Well, that’s exactly my experience. I became a curator by accident…a beautiful accident. And if i really think about it, it all makes sense.

Your work is driven by creativity. How do you get inspired?

Creativity has always been part of me since my early teenage years. It was like an escape from the adult world and I wouldn’t be able to function properly without being creative. I believe we have the power to inject in our life what we want out of it. I chose a life of creativity, being an artist and being a freelance curator. Which means security is not really an option. And I believe life is risking it! When you feel things are not certain, you are more open to the world around you, you are more open to your true feelings. You are inspired by any little element of your daily life.

On your platform Curated by Girls, the current art exhibition is titled "New Femininity". The last one "New Masculinity". What's your thought on gender?

This exhibition “New Femininity # 3“ is the 3rd edition of an ongoing project. This edition is taking place in Amsterdam, after Berlin and Barcelona.

With CBG (Curated by Girls) I am deep into the subject! It's big part of my platform’s mojo. Artists are really concerned about the subject and what it means. Gender is personal. Anyone should have the right to be whatever that person wants to be. I feel partly female, partly male and partly genderfree because I am all of it. I see each and everyone of us a Whole, not fragments of things, not stereotypes.

Sex and Sexuality: important themes in your shows. Also in your work as musician and in your fashion style?

Sex and sexuality are big topics of CBG because they’re big topics of our society. It is a graphic subject obviously and very interesting to see all the possibilities in our world. It is quite fantastic to see all the interpretations artists can make out of the subject. Sexuality used to be a tool to sell products. Nowadays it is moving to becoming a political/social statement: let me be who the fuck I want and respect my choices.

Of course, I am inspired by important topics developed on CBG but my writing is personal. I am writing about relationships, desillusions, life in general. Sexuality is one side of our lives.

And how would you describe feminism, and are you a feminist?

Of course I am a feminist. Who is not feminist? I mean women should be treated with respect, shouldn’t be slaved, abused, hurt. Period!

There are different ways of being feminist. I am more on the soft side and not politically involved. In Politics I see power and in power I don’t see right! But I deeply respect women fighting for the right causes. Unfortunately, you sometimes need violence to be heard in our society! That’s really sad but that’s reality.