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Inspiring Female Photographers You Should Know

Photography helps us to see the world through a different lens (literally). In this way, we're able to expand our mind, get a glimpse into the life of people we most probably wouldn't have met and receive new stories told by the photographer, the visual storyteller.

We found a few female emerging photographers you should definitely know about. So, in case you wanna upgrade your Instagram feed, take a look at their profiles.

#1 ladyist

Ashley Armitage breaks beauty standards and taboos by showing real women with real body hair. Well-known for her body-positive pictures she is as well a director and a feminist.

#2 Zofia.K

Sophia K. creates photo projects that make you question and reevaluate our social norms and at the same time she depicts women in their most powerful nature.

#3 Linda Böse

Linda Böse is a photographer who loves to capture the real beauty of women. She further works for clients like Galeries Lafayette Berlin or Nylon Magazine.

#4 Iga Drobisz

Iga Drobisz brings sometimes an exceptional vintage touch to her images, her work is represented by Schierke.

#5 Lou Escobar

Lou Escobar is not only photographer, but also a film maker, inspired by dreamy motel scenes. She is travelling around the world exploring new ideas.


Text by Olivia Subhi

Preview Image Linda Böse

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