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How to recognize and deal with toxic people

First things first, there is not just this one particular toxic person. There exist different forms of toxic people as well as forms of relationships that become toxic only when two individuals meet, even though they may not be as toxic individually.

Whether it might be romantic, between friends, at work or within the family, we find unhealthy relationships throughout our social circles. Some more traumatic than others. Some easier to end than others. All together pretty uncool.

Toxic people, what's that?

According to psychotherapist Jodie Gale, a toxic person is "often severely injured and, for whatever reason, can not take responsibility for her injury, feelings, needs and later life problems."

Yes, toxic people may personally experience injuries that make them who they are today. Sticking point, you have to deal with these injuries deliberately to get out of this negative spiral.

6 tips to help recognize toxic people faster

#1 They only allow their opinion

#2 They deliberately give you a bad feeling

#3 They like to be in the center and act selfishly

#4 They lie, cheat, manipulate, hurt, and all the other (un) beautiful things that no one needs in life

#5 They accept no limits

#6 They want to control you

How to deal with toxic relationships?

To be clear, there is a certain type of human being that simply should not exist in your (or any) life. This does not refer to individual characteristics or newly evolved structures within a long-lasting relationship, which could be deconstructed through an honest conversation, a step by step approach or perhaps group therapy. We are talking here about people whose behavior brings a lasting serious negativity into someone's life, and they won't really do something about it.

People can change, yes. However, ambition must come from this particular person. If you see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, then try the following:

Seek conversation -> explain your emotional situation -> name examples of behavior that were inappropriate for you -> set limits -> wait and see -> if not improved: distance

Although it is quite difficult to distance yourself from toxic people. It's also pretty good in the long run. True story.


Text by Bernak Kharabi

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