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How To Practice Self-Care in Self-Quarantine

There is no doubt that times are changing. Perhaps you don‘t feel and see it yet (then better check the news love), but through the coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19), we all experience a shift in our lives. Some more, some less.

It's officially stated that social distancing is one of the key factors to prevent the virus from spreading. In case you choose to isolate yourself in order to reduce the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus or to infect others, we want you to stay happy and healthy. Here the top tips on how to practice self-care tips in self-quarantine:

Get your shopping done

Okay, do not start with panic buying. Get a realistic list of what you might need for the next 14 days including fresh food, beans, rice, sanitary products, and, oh, perhaps toilet paper. It's okay to buy a bit more as it's better to visit the supermarket as rarely as possible, but please, don't hop on the "I-need-10-bags-of-toilet-paper" train. It's not easy to stay cool when people around you start hoarding, yet, reflect on what you really need and keep it that way. An important side note: when you go outside, wash your hands often and carefully for at least 20 seconds with warm water.

Practice mindfulness

Use this time to reflect. Identify the people in your life that you really care about. People you once loved, but haven't spoken to in ages. People you're constantly speaking to, yet who you actually don't love. Make a bucket list. Places you wanna go. Instruments you wanna play. Things you wanna achieve just for you. Use this crucial period to achieve a certain level of clarity in your mind, and don't underestimate the power of meditation apps like Calm or headspace.

Enjoy beauty treats

There are so many different ways to pamper oneself at home. You can make your fav face mask, enjoy a long bath or a full-body peeling with a dry brush. Make the process even more enjoyable with music and a scented candle. Being in self-quarantine can also be a time to do something nice for yourself without having a tight agenda of going to the gym at 6 PM and meeting friends for dinner at 8.30 PM. You're at home, you've time, use it.

Get organized

Go through all of those boxes standing on your wardrobe for ages. And when standing in front of it, start cleaning out your wardrobe as well. Get rid of anything that doesn't spark you joy. Perhaps you will even find certain things that might be helpful to you, like batteries, pocket lamps or condoms.

Spend time with loved ones

Nope, this ain't the best time to visit your parents and definitely not your grandparents. Especially for older adults, these times are even more critical as they're at a higher risk for a serious illness of COVID-19. But even when living in a digital era is a blessing and a curse at the same time, there are many options to connect with loved ones, without actually being in the same room with them. Use Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp or google hangouts. Connect!

Take care of your mental health

Whenever you talk to someone or open your phone screen, most of the content is related to the current virus situation. But don‘t read too much news and most importantly, trust reliable sources for those pieces of information. There are tons of wrong assumptions on how the virus is spreading, and what to do in order to stay healthy. It's crucial for your own sanity to look for trustworthy content and to stay in touch with those people who spread good energy.