How To Get Your New Year's Resolutions Done

We all know of these ideas hunting our minds whenever a new year begins. In 2020 I'm becoming a better version of myself. No more junk food, 4 times a week going to the gym, and goodbye cigarettes. But have you ever thought about why you actually wanna change something in your life and that exactly on New Year's Eve? And why it's so damn hard to also stick to those new year's resolutions? Here some ways to get your new year's resolutions done, or also start right away for your journey of growth:


First of all, if you wanna "improve" anything in your life, and you feel really ready for it, start now. There is no magic day helping you to get shit done. January 1 might be helpful as it's a new year bringing new energy and so on, but in general, any other day does the job.


Think about what your reasons are behind the change. Do you wanna FEEL better in your body and be more energized and therefore, go to the gym or do you only THINK it's time to get fitter? What are your real intentions? Imagine how you want to feel and set this as your goal, and use it as a motivator.


You wanna go 5 times to the gym every week and before you haven't done any exercise at all? This doesn't sound like a very realistic goal. Start with baby steps. Perhaps moving in any way 2 times a week might be a good beginning or once a week going to the gym and the other time taking a long walk. You can still improve during the time.


Okay, let's stick to the gym example. Do you even like to go to the gym? No? Then don't do it. Look for any exercise that brings you joy, and where you're actually looking forward to going to. Choose dancing, kick-boxing or perhaps even a walk at the water. If it doesn't sparkle any joy, leave it out of your life.

In the end, do what makes you happy and when you feel it's time to change anything in your life: don't wait and start right now. More about this topic, in our new podcast episode of F-TALK.

Text by Bernak Kharabi

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