How to embrace your cycle

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Up until last year, I was never really aware that I didn't know how my menstrual cycle effects my life in so many ways. Since the age of 14, I was taking the pill and based on a medical condition (Endometriosis), every doctor since then advised me to continue taking the pill, and that was it basically. So, last year I've come to the point being fed up taking this little white hormone package on a daily basis, also feeling kind of disconnected to my own body. That’s when I started to talk to friends who already stopped taking the pill, read books and articles and researched more about the female cycle. What I realized? I needed to take my health in my own hands and raise the awareness towards my body and its rhythm. Something which helped me on the way: taking part in a cycle workshop by FemnaHealth and Amazingy, two Berlin based companies who take the combination of beauty, health and women pretty serious. So, you wanna know how to embrace your cycle? Let me tell you.

First things first, what is the female menstrual cycle?

When a girl hits puberty, her body changes and accordingly she starts to get her menstruation (period) based on newly produced hormones. The menstrual cycle is monthly occuring with a purpose to prepare the female body for pregnancy. The average cycle is 28 days long and starts with the first day of the period.

The importance of understanding the female cycle

By starting to learn more about mood and energy shifts, you will discover how much your life quality increases by approaching your female needs and wants, instead of being controlled by them. It‘s about feeling the feminine energy and embracing your period itself, while stopping to take it as an annoying monthly baggage which disturbs your routine. It's about resting when you need to and understanding why you feel in a certain way at certain times of the month. Why am I suddenly full of energy? Why do I feel so tired and low? Why am I so overly hungry and could just eat everything around me? Here a little helper for the different hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle:

The Map of the Inner Seasons

This map allows you to understand and even work with the menstrual cycle. Something which is crucial for every female person in order to have a more balanced well-being.

Winter: Menstruation

cycle day 1 to 7 ("The wise woman")

This is your time to rest: read books, enjoy some free time and especially encourage me-time. Try to stay in and be gentle and kind to yourself. Perhaps place appointments or nights out at another time of the month.

Spring: 1. cycle half until egg jump

cycle day 8 to 14 ("The young woman")

Your period is now over. The body and mind feel fresh, you‘re full of new energy and your mind is focussed. This is a perfect time for planning a new project. Be creative and think big!

Summer: 7 days around the egg jump

cycle day 15 to 21 ("The grown woman")

Baby, you’re "glowing". You're on the perk of feeling awesome and it's the perfect time for socialising. Then, on day 21/22 - your egg jumps. What this means emotionally? An energy shift begins.

Autumn: 7 days before menstruation

cycle day 22 to 28 ("The Enchantress")

Hello PMS. You might get moody and quick irritable, but it's not really a negative time. It shows what you like and don't like. You feel in control and get self-centred. Basically a time where you might open up about things which actually bother you. Perfect for an honest communication with your partner, boss or mother.

In the end, our body functions not always the same, and that‘s simply ok. Just work with it. Try to understand that you might feel at certain times a bit different. Acknowledge it, understand it and most importantly embrace it. Your menstrual cycle is a powerful tool for empowerment.

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