Four Women Diversifying the Art World

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Introducing STUDIO 4 BERLIN

By now, we’re all aware that the art market was and still is predominantly male and Eurocentric. Big shows like the Berlin Art Week feature more male artists than female, and the same goes for the people who make the decisions. Within the past couple of years the demand for a diversified art world has become louder - and this call must be answered.

On Thursday July 23 2020, STUDIO 4 BERLIN will open its doors to the public. The newly founded platform has set itself an important mission: to answer the urgent call for change in the art market, and to close the gap between cultures, media, and eras.

Now, what exactly does that mean?

Four fierce female gallery owners want to set an example for a fruitful collaboration in the cultural sector. They all approach their work in a different way, and by putting their unique know-how in dialog aim to present objects in a new, unconventional way at the intersection of art and culture.

Four Power-Women

Eva Morawietz, PhD, is a specialist for contemporary Southeast-Asian art, particularly photography, digital art, and video art. She is also the director of the Berlin-based gallery Migrant Bird Space, which has shown thought-provoking exhibitions such as China Fever ⻘春症. On top of that, she is also the head of the international pop-up gallery, MO-Industries, in Shanghai. Her strengths lie in curating extraordinary concepts for exhibitions in (amongst others) Berlin, Hong Kong, Peking, Shanghai, Singapore, and Vienna. She has also worked as a curator with the National Gallery in Berlin.

Katharina Maria Raab mainly features international artists from different generations in her eponymous gallery, dealing with current social and cultural topics from Europe and Northern Africa. She aims to create a dialogue between the different approaches and viewpoints of these cultures through artworks, while also offering interactive workshops, artist talks, and discussions. Before opening her own gallery, she worked for Berlinische Galerie. Katharina Maria Raab is firmly convinced that art is an essential communication device for everyone, and therefore offers interactive and integrative guided tours at various Berlin institutes.

Born in Teheran and raised in Berlin, Anahita Sadighi opened her own gallery, Anahita – Arts of Asia, at the age of only 26. The topics presented here are antique Asian and Near East art. In 2018 she founded her second gallery, Anahita Contemporary, which also includes contemporary art, and therefore covers a unique combination of eras. Anahita Contemporary presents a new generation of artists from Germany, the Near East, and Asia, such as Yumna Al-Arashi. The focus is on an intercultural dialogue between different generations and cultures. Since 2016 Anahita Sadighi has also curated events dedicated to Persian art and literature under the name Poetry Nights.

Anne Schwarz founded her Berlin-Neukölln based gallery SCHWARZ CONTEMPORARY in 2011. Her goal was to showcase six to seven contemporary artists per year - focusing on Denmark, Germany, Finnland, France, and the United States of America. In 2019 SCHWARZ CONTEMPORARY was awarded with the VBKI-Preis BERLINER GALERIEN, which celebrates new galleries in Berlin that support the diversity of artistic production in the city and showcase a variety of different artistic positions.

With expertise spanning from traditional art history, to work in renowned museums over the cultural management in commercial arts, to the invention of new formats and ways of communication through art, these four women bring a lot to the table in this new space. Their work, encompassing different cultures, time periods, and media, offers the chance for a more intersectional, dialogical approach to presenting and mediating contemporary art.

One can only look forward to the projects they have in store for the future.


Text by Stefanie Regina Dietzel

Preview Image by Michael Pfister

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