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Connect with Your Creative Energy and Embrace Your Sexuality

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

We´re living in a time, where only our results are counting, and yet at the same time, we´re craving for fun. Even when the goal is to get satisfaction, most of the time we´re looking for the “done” part of something. We could say that we´re the “goal generation”, the “burn out generation”, the “unfulfilled craving for happiness generation”.

When we take a look at our daily working world and the little free time we experience, it seems like no one is doing the work just for observing the process of the work. I mean no one who wants to survive in this world, who wants to get safety, get money and in the best case also success.

To me, it appears that we´re living in a time, where there’s no space for dedication and trust in the event of life itself. Funny when we remember that we´re human beings and not human doings.

But how can we be flexible and prepared for daily problems without creativity? Creativity which is growing (quick) in experiencing joy, sensuality and playful behaviour.

Could it be that we need the expression of creativity just as much as we need food, sleep, love and fun in order to survive? And survive, with a happy life!

If we take a look to the east, independently of each believe, the Chinese tradition of Taoism, the Hinduism, the doctrine of tantra, yoga and many others, they all speak about our vital force as sexual energy. In the teaching of chakras, the energy of creation is anchored in the pelvis and in the genitals. They’re saying that sexuality is more than the desire of having sex. They believe that sexual energy is expressed in our lives through a variety of channels: through artistic creation, physical work, in sex, in creating our professional projects. They´re reporting that sexual energy behaves expressively in the pelvis and works like a transmitter that gives off the energy and numerous creations created. The emotional expression, joy & pleasure and ecstasy are sexual energy in action. Not only in ancient traditions and religions, the method of artistic activity is applied to increase life energy.

Back to your own sensations and sensual energies.

Also in the art therapy and institutions for burnout, depression, etc. one uses the creative, free process to tackle tasks with ease, without knowing beforehand how it will end up.

Even when you have not burnout or depression, isn’t the exhaustion after a day of disappointment or an unachieved goal, a "small burnout"?

As human beings, we need to express this creative (life) energy, as we need joy and intimacy of sex, in order to have a full life.

But how often do we have sex only for getting an orgasm in the end? Especially, when we have sex on our own. An orgasm is the climax of lust, the same lust who brought us even to this experience in the first place.

Could you imagine that you’re getting on a higher level of lust just by enjoying every single sensation, also when there´s no climax? What is more important to you? The orgasm in the end or the way to the orgasm? I’m not saying you should renounce your orgasm. But isn’t every sort of pleasure a small orgasm, too?

Trying to achieve the goal, keeps us away from experiencing the moment, where we’re actually in!

Remember, when you were a kid. Did you play all the time for the final result? So that your parents can finally pick you up and you are free to go home? Or have you played and lived because it gave you so much pleasure? It should be the same in the creative process, in sex and why not in general life? Give yourself to the observation, the sensations of your senses, your feelings and the uncertainty. Allow yourself to experience something, to do it without result - Allow yourself to feel the fun!

Increase your lust in general when you taste or when your hip moves when walking - you will get a more fulfilled sexuality. Get out of your normal behaviour and start playing!