Become a financial guru: Why financial independence must be a women's issue

When I think of the generation of my mother and grandmother, "Money Mindset" is not necessarily the term that comes to my mind first.

Many women like to leave the "business with the money" to their husbands in the hope that they invest it well enough or save it.

Shown in a representative German study of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs of 2016, women between the ages of 30 and 50 had approximately the same number of school-leaving qualifications as men - and 82 percent had a vocational qualification. Yet, only 39 percent of women were employed full-time, but 88 percent of men.

Their own net income of more than 2000 euros had only ten percent of women, but 42 percent of men. For many women, the risks of securing their livelihoods and pensions are still fundamentally linked to the income of the man. Of the married women, 19 percent had no income of their own and 63 percent earned less than 1,000 euros. Their own income over 2000 euros had only six percent of married women.

It's just bad luck if the marriage does not last or the man has no idea about investing.

I am surprised how profound the shock of these women is when they learn that in such situations they are almost completely destitute, even though from the outset they simply have to work on their financial intelligence.

However, many women leave back this financial intelligence at the threshold of the church, and with the birth of the first child they often believe in the "safety mode". They think they are given enough attention to this arduous task of financial management, by controlling some account movements and running the household budget.

I want to make an appeal against this movement.

What famous men preach like André Kostolany, Napoleon Hill or Robert T. Kiyosaki are not cryptic hieroglyphs, they are simple formulas that gradually help you find financial independence. No one develops a deep understanding of the stock market and has a proprietary investor strategy within hours.

Change your mindset

The first and most important step is to change your mindset. Put off your personal bullshit FM (I mean your personal "radio station", which only runs in your head) in your head. Money is good. Being rich is not bad. Basically, money is just energy that is used to improve one's life and that of others.

A positive attitude to money is the first and most important step towards financial self-determination. Also, the reason you want to own money should be clear, because your values ​​are the indicators that determine your wealth.

What is your initial situation?

Afterwards it goes to the most important issue:

All costs and assets will be audited. What unnecessary expenses, insurance and luxury services do you have? Cancel and change all obligations that allow you to save your money.

Now create a square. You categorize this into four points:

• Fixed costs (all your liabilities come in here, from the rent to the debts)

• Investment (How much money can you save and invest, and which investment form is suitable?)

• Fun (This point is very important, because the human must also enjoy his pleasure)

• Donations (whoever is not ready to give will never receive anything, never forget that)

In the area of investments, you can also work with the exclusion process, for example, take out a property as a value, because the savings rate here is too high or lengthy.

Become confident in financial matters

The most important thing is to deal with the topic of financial intelligence. There are many ways to do this: Watching videos, reading selected blogs, listening to podcasts and getting started, because having money always means having power, even if the money (between man and woman) is supposed to be shared.

No matter what age, marital status or fortune you have, with a good strategy, every woman can become a financial guru and show that even in financial matters, she is strong, confident and independent.


Text by Kinga Bartczak, a certified systemic coach, trainer and business blogger at

Preview Image by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

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