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9 TV Series You Shouldn't Miss in 2019

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

When the days are getting colder, staying in for an evening and binge-watching your new fav TV series becomes a habit you mostly don't wanna miss out on. In 2019, we see a range of diverse content from trans communities in New York during the 1980s over real-life events of racial injustice most people didn't even know about up to current issues of rape culture and bullying at schools.

So, how about using your Netflix time not only for entertainment but also for education. Here are the best 9 feminist TV series in 2019:


Rue is 17 years old and a drug addict. She's fresh out of rehab, but instead of staying clean, her mind and heart are busy with a mesmerizing transgender girl who just moved to town. Attention: certain scenes are very graphic.

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Balls, houses, voguing: The Netflix show Pose opens up a world of marginalized communities in the 1980s New York. While Latino and Afro-American gay and trans people had to deal with different forms of discrimination and even being kicked out from home, they started their own families, so-called houses, in which they challenged against other houses at balls. Take a look at overwhelming dance scenes and outfits to die for.

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When They See Us

After real events, When They See Us tells the story of 4 young black boys in 1989 in New York. The story of them going to jail. The story of them being innocent. In four episodes Ava DuVernay brings up a story most people haven't heard about. One of the lead characters Jharrel Jerome even won an Emmy, very well-deserved.

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13 Reasons Why

Being a teenager can be quite tough. Your body changes, you stand in front of life-changing decisions and you're trapped in high school. 13 Reasons Why tells the story of Hannah Baker who isn't only dealing with the "regular" teenage stuff, but with bullying, violence and abuse, and at the end only sees suicide as her way out of it.

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Orange Is The New Black

Prison isn't really something anyone ever wishes for. The same goes for lead character Piper Chapman. Based on real-life events, the story of a young middle-class white woman is told who ends up being in prison because of a former female lover. In Orange Is The New Black the background stories of inmates are told, the injustice of a system and how racism and exploitation are happening on a daily basis, inside and outside of the cell.

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