5 Women on What Self-Love Means To Them

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

These days the term self-love spreads across all sorts of channels, stores are filling their shelves with positive mindset publications and every other day you find a new coach preaching its importance. Don't get me wrong, I truly believe in the power of self-love and have learned that it's one of the hardest practices, yet fundamental for personal and professional success, for happiness, for basically anything.

But what does self-love even mean? Should you get yourself a present on a daily basis or put a me-time session in the diary? Is it about setting healthy boundaries? And what are those boundaries? Or is a look in the bath room mirror in the morning and telling yourself "I love you" the ultimate key? As different people might have very different opinions, I've asked 5 women on what self-love means to them. Here their answers:



"Self love for me means to treat myself with respect and love. What might sound easy can be quite a struggle for me in daily life. Under social pressure, confronted with a big work-load or in emotionally toxic relationships it is easy to lose touch to myself, my needs, my wishes. In practice self love to me means that I create time and space for myself. Time in which I can feel all the feels. Time in which I can sort stuff out in my head. Time in which I can figure out how to live up to my feelings, listen to them and fight for me, my boundaries and needs to be heard by others."



"Self-love for me means to practice good self-care, both for the mind and for the body. I try to be less hard on myself (not always easy) and follow a daily routine of healthy activities like cooking a fresh meal, going for a longer walk and (of course!) taking some beauty me-time. My current favorite self-care beauty ritual is cupping massage, an ancient Chinese healing practice. Cupping removes toxins from the body, enhances blood circulation, increases lymph flow and can also help to reduce cellulite. Moreover, it is very relaxing and helps to relieve a good deal of stress. Here you can read more about my experiences with body cupping".



"Self-Love sprouts in having trust in yourself. Self-trust shimmers and shines it’s way through the old patterns of doubt. Self-trust is your inner star. He awaits you. He guides you. Gently he draws you on the way to your true self. You let go of your firm breath. You let go of your tight heart. You let go of your numb wombspace. Star-light leads you into your softened heart. Do you feel the warmth? The vibration? Receive it. Expand it. Until everything that does not serve you is melting into mother earth. Yes, release. Yes, your wombspace knows, what you really need. You are that light. You are Love. Welcome, Self-Love, Welcome."



"Self love is a daily mission. There are so many external factors that can impact the way we feel about ourselves so we have to commit to self love despite them. Remove any influences that make you doubt your own awesomeness. Our imperfections and flaws make us who were are and should be a reason for celebration not shame. Be kind to yourself and focus on being happy as opposed to the version of "perfect" you have in your head. I also believe in order to fully achieve self love we have to choose ourselves before anyone else."

Isabelle Marie


"We go trough life having many relationships with others. We care about our friends, our family and all the loved ones. We love them for their personality and their character traits, but we tend to forget the most important relationship. The one within. Self-love means to me to accept myself. It doens´t mean to ignore my weaknesses. There are parts of my body, parts of my personality I really love and there are at the same time other parts I mostly don’t like. The key is to be aware of all these things. The best way to start loving ourself is to understand that everyone is unique. And this is what makes every single person on this planet beautiful. Stop comparing yourself with others. Nobody is like you."


Text by Bernak Kharabi

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