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5 Ways to Become an Independent Woman

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

An independent woman stands on her own feet. She creates the life she wants because she can. So, what independence really means is to take responsibility of your own life without being in need of someone else, financially or emotionally.

Here is your beginner's guide to move in the right direction to become an independent, strong and confident woman:

Get to know yourself

Take a moment. Stop doing anything and now think. Think about how you would describe yourself. What do you like to do? In which situations do you feel uncomfortable? Do you prefer to be alone or with people around you? It makes it easier when you start a profile: age, city you live, things you're proud of in your life (maybe your school or university graduation, being a nice sister or a loyal friend?). Before you can own your power, you need to know who you really are.

Say bye to toxic people

Toxic relationships can be found between friend, in your love life or even at work. It contains jealousy, insecurities, it may be connections where instead of lifting each other up, you're competing or maintain your friendship by gossiping about others. It takes time to realise a toxic person close to you. By the time, you acknowledge that a certain individual should be kicked off your contact list, I give you one advice: don't go back because you feel alone. It's better to spend time on your own instead of letting those people back in your life.

Find out what you love & go for it

We're mostly very fast in finding our weaknesses. But how about focussing on your strengths and the things you like? Are you a people-person? Do you like to draw? Love cooking? Maybe good with animals? It helps to write down the Top 3 things you like about yourself or you're good at, and then press repeat.

Manage your finances

One of the most crucial parts on the way to create the life you want is to be financially independent. Based on paying back student loans or buying expensive stuff like a laptop or phone, it happens quite quick that we're stuck in a financial burden. The important first step: know how much you earn, and how much you have to pay. Do you really know your exact income and every post which leaves your bank account? Rent, insurances, phone, gym, Netflix, Spotify or whatever it might be. Write every number down. Be aware of every cent which comes in & gets out.

Stay true to yourself

We meet new people. We go to different places. Even if we don't aim for it, we like to be liked. But guess what. The moment you learn that there will always be people who won't like you, you learn to just be yourself and not adapt to your surrounding. Let's say, the girl in your class Anna doesn't like your outfit or makes a stupid comment on your favourite band. Then keep this one thought in your mind: Bye Anna. I like it. That's what matters.

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