5 Feminist Illustrators You Must Know

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Nowadays, the freedom of creative expression is essential in order to claim women's power back. In that way, art has always been a tool to address social issues, and illustrations are one of the key art forms of our times. And that's why we've put together an inspiring selection of 5 female illustrators using different approaches while covering a wide range of topics.

#1 Laura Breiling

"working mom’ for Berliner Zeitung"

Laura Breiling is an illustrator based in Berlin, who studied graphic design at the FH Mainz in Germany. She works for clients like Google, Nike, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Bloomberg and many more. Laura exhibits politics and women’s issues in humorous ways using sarcasm, clichés, gender roles, beautifully drawn and easily digestible images. Her style is unique with bold lines and bright colors.

2# Florence Given


Florence Given, a London based artist, as well as an activist and a feminist, uses her art to empower other women. Her style shows a remarkable vintage 70's style. She expresses it by women with heavy eyelids, wearing extraordinary sunglasses, long hair and always with different catchphrases.

#3 Sasa Elebea

"Español en la otra imagen"

Sabrina Brügmann is an Argentinean illustrator, feminist and tattoo artist, living in Tel Aviv. She is well-known for her colorful quotes on illustrations of women and feminine objects. Her artworks are hand-drawn vector illustrations for apps, merchandise and websites, and she exposes her works in a local shop. She is constantly sharing body-positive messages and social issues through her art.

#4 Jade Purple Brown

"Vacation state of mind"

Jade Purple Browns a visual artist, feminist and lives in New York. She uses graphic design, illustration & art direction to create content for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Her style palettes range goes from juicy to tropical, 70s/80s interior design, and fashionable women as seen in New York City. In her figure drawings, women appear with strong stances, relaxed charisma, confident, inspiring the world to be proud of who we become.

# 5 Pri Barbosa

"Calendário 2020"

Pri Barbosa is an illustrator and art director from Sao Paulo, using mostly digital illustration, watercolor, but also gouache, oil and scale murals. Her artworks are representing the female world, breaking the standards, seeing herself and other women with more tenderness, and understand how women are still living their lives in a repressed way.


Text by Olivia Subhi

Preview image showing Laura Breiling

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