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5 Female Activists To Follow on Instagram

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

In times of climate crisis and #metoo, platforms like Instagram offer new ways to communicate any demanded changes within society. Further, it helps to mobilize bigger groups of people while growing an international community of like-minds.

So, to celebrate women from around the world, we picked our top 5 female activists you should follow on Instagram. More here:

#1 Gina Martin

Gina Martin is a writer and the activist who has made Upskirting illegal in England and Wales. She keeps taking action for this cause all around the world.

#2 dariadaria

Madeleine Daria Alizadeh is known for hosting the podcast "A Mindful Mess" and being the founder of her own clothing company Dariadeh which focuses on sustainability.

#3 lizzie_outside

Lizzie Carr is a writer and the founder of "plastic_petrol" which combat the global plastic crisis by stopping the problem at its source. Lizzie is the first person in history to paddleboard the length of England's waterways.

#4 enamasiama

Enam Asiama is a British model, anti-bullying activist, and a plus-size advocate.

#5 hannahwitton

Hannah Witton is a YouTuber and author. She has launched a brand new podcast about sex and relationships with honesty and open conversations.


Text by Olivia Subhi

Preview Image Gina Martin in Stylist Magazine

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